Purchasing an Artwork

Purchasing an Artwork is a simple process for the buyer of a painting. 

  • Click on the painting
  • Click on the BUY button
  • Go to the MY CART section and click on the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.

Funds are received by Gallery247 who then forward it to the Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia for Entry Fees and Commissions, and to the Artist for a sale.

Entry Fees are held in trust until the artwork is accepted for the Annual Exhibition by the Pre-Selection Committee.

Funds for the sale of a painting are paid to Gallery247 initially. Gallery247 hold the funds in trust until 14 days after the Annual Exhibition closes. This time frame gives the buyer of a painting, a period of grace to reverse the sale, in which case the money is refunded to the buyer. If the sale proceeds, the PSVA is sent their Commission and the Artist receives the balance, minus GST, if applicable.

There is a small fee for credit card sales.

An invoice/receipt will automatically be issued for each transaction.

Pamela Pretty - Golden Hour from our 32nd Annual Exhibition